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Operating Theatre Lights

Hiltons provide the highest quality LED lights for operating theatres. These lights are specifically tailored to suit the unique needs of an operating theatre, including the colour of the light, the heat, control, and even the energy usage. They enable your hospital or medical facility to provide the best environment for surgeons and the best care for your patients. We also offer mobile operating lights for renting.

Our LED Theatre Lights

We have a range of quality lights that are suitable for hospital theatres. Below are the details of each, enabling you to find the light that offers the perfect solution for your exact needs. If you wish to know more information about any of our LED lights, you can download the PDFs or contact one of our medical electrical experts at Hiltons today.

Trilux Aurinio LED OT light

Low maintenance and highly reliable

The Trilux LED OT light is an exceptional lighting solution in a futuristic design that fits into any hospital environment. Its cool light protects the patient’s tissue from drying out and provides optimum work conditions for the surgeon. This type of light head uses Power LEDs, which are extremely low maintenance and highly reliable, lasting longer than other light sources. Using the very latest technology, the light’s adjustable colour temperature is achieved by mixing warm white and cold white. It creates the best environment for operating work.

This compact and powerful unit produces an impressive 160K lux light output, even when running the light at only 40% of its potential. It means the unit runs at 60 watts total energy.

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Trilux Wave LED

Latest technology, best value for money

Trilux’s latest generation of operating lights in their range is the WAVE light. It is available in 3 different models: E, F and FT. These cater for the more budget conscious but are tailored to the changing demand of what is required in modern surgery today. The WAVE light takes advantage of a mix of technology, old and new. For instance, the reflective LED light gives a perfect field of vision with a great range to cater for deep cavity surgery, as well as offering super cool light to provide the best lighting no matter what the operation.

It also comes with a cleaver Green Endo mode and adjustable colour temperature, making the Wave light a must for the modern operating theatre. An integrated HD camera system is available to further enhance the use of the WAVE light for teaching purposes.

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Trilux Fidesca PM Cleanroom Luminaires

Maximum flexibility and light control

Flexibility is a top priority in any operating theatre and the Fidesca PM delivers. It is not only suitable for conventional and standard operations, but also for micro invasive surgeries. It provides 100% white light with the additional option of 2-5% green light. Moreover, dynamic colour light control is also possible, giving your surgeon the highest levels of control over the operating theatre environment.

However, the Trilux Fidesca PM truly stands out from the competition in its ability to distribute light by narrow-angle, wide-angle or asymmetrical. It is continually and individually adjustable for every individual lamp of a luminaries, and may be controlled via analog or digital bus systems to the central OT control system.

Mobile Rental Lights

Mobile renting operating lights

We have a mobile, state of the art, major surgical operating light that can be delivered to you on a rental basis at £750 plus VAT per week, inclusive of delivery. Don’t run the risk of unplanned theatre down time that can be very costly and cancellation of operations.

You can also take advantage of this offer to purchase the mobile after the rental period at a very attractive discount and have your rental charges refunded.

For further information contact our sales and service team.

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