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 Medical Electrical Equipment

Since 1989, Hiltons has provided medical electrical equipment and related services for healthcare, NHS trusts and private medical clients, such as BMI. We have built a relationship of trust and reliability with every one of our clients as we deliver the highest quality medical lighting, electrical maintenance and turn key solutions.

Our Healthcare Services

For twenty five years, our business has focused upon working with the healthcare and medical industry. We have become leading specialists in medical equipment and electricals. We offer group 1 earthing and medical locations. Group one earthing protects your operating theatre and medical facility from electrical faults that can cause electric shock. It’s a measurement that is vital to the safe functioning of your facility.

We also undertake full construction work with turn key solutions, carrying out new installation and commissioning projects. This includes the installation of new operating theatre lighting into already established clean environments, emergency lighting and pendants to the full construction of new medical suites. You can watch the video of our full turn key solution project for Northwick Park Hospital’s Edison Ward. See for yourself the standard of our efficient, cost effective medical services.

Emergency Backup

You never know when you’re going to need battery backup, which is why we provide the solution before the problem comes. Our range of emergency backup solutions from HTM compliant battery backup to IPS / UPS solutions provide you with power protection when you need it. They are reliable and quality medical electrical equipment, meaning you ensure the highest level of healthcare no matter what circumstances come your way.

Trilux Lighting

As a company, we are constantly growing and developing. This has lead us to be the sole distributors of Trilux Medical Systems. These are top-of-the-range LED lights, which includes operating theatre lighting, examination lighting and supply systems for healthcare facilities and ICU’s. You receive the best and most cost effective lighting. It enables your medical staff to deliver care to every one of your patients without anything getting in the way, and Hiltons not only provide the medical lighting equipment; we also install and maintain it.

Repair & Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Sometimes, things go wrong. As a medical facility, those moments mean more than they do to standard businesses as the stakes are high and problems can affect many people. That’s why we offer repair and maintenance work not just on the lighting we’ve supplied or throughout our turnkey work, but on all your medical electrical equipment. We appreciate that if you have a breakdown, you rely on a contractor to work efficiently and quickly in order to save you downtime, convenience and money. At Hiltons Medical, we do our utmost to be at your hospital within 24 hours of your call, be it anywhere in the UK.

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