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Emergency Lighting System

Battery Backup Units

Power and electricity are central to the running of any hospital and medical facility. The loss of power can be detrimental to the level of healthcare that you can provide to patients and could lead to the loss of lives. That’s why Hiltons take battery backup seriously. We offer a comprehensive range of emergency lighting system options including uninterrupted power supply, maintained and unmaintained battery cabinets and isolated power supply units.

Emergency lighting functions through a battery backup unit. This backup is continually charged so, in the event of power loss, it can provide 3 hours of backup electricity. The backup units detect power failure and automatically switch the emergency supply. It means that you can continue to deliver care in the event of a power cut.

Dual Door Backup Cabinet

We deliver the highest quality products and services, and pride ourselves on seeking to continually improve upon the solutions and bespoke designs that we offer. This has resulted in Hiltons Medical introducing a new product: a dual door cabinet. This incorporates two backup cabinets into one, reducing clutter and improving efficiency.

Key features include:

  • Two backup cabinets in one
  • Satisfying customer space constraints
  • Bespoke design
  • Less Clutter in the Plant room or ‘Dirty Corridor’
  • Less time for installation
  • Lower cost in additional wiring

Unmaintained Battery Units

Unmaintained battery cabinets are usually switched off but with the batteries charged. If the power fails, the battery automatically turns on. Unlike maintained units, they function separately to the standard lighting and are seen as fittings such as emergency exit signs.

They are situated most often in a ‘dirty corridor’ or plant room, allowing easy access in the event that the unit needs adjusting, servicing or viewing. The cabinets themselves are designed for the easiest usability, including fault lights, battery in use lights and batteries discharged indicators. These make it as easy as possible to understand the power flow and supply of your battery backup unit. A light is also provided on the surgeons panel to show when the batteries are in use.

They also boast the following features:

  • Sealed batteries to increase reliability
  • Function separately to theatre lights
  • Proven top quality components
  • 3 hours of emergency power
  • Volt and Amp indicators are installed to show the battery voltage and charging current
  • Fault lights to indicate the condition of the cabinet
  • ‘Batteries in use’ indicator on surgeons panel

Maintained Battery Units

Unlike unmaintained units, maintained emergency lighting operate as an ordinary light fitting and is controlled with the other lighting in the hospital. They are on all the time. In the event of power failure, the maintained battery unit continues to operate the lights and power but at reduced output, such as a lowered light level.

Like unmaintained, these battery cabinets are usually placed in a plant room or ‘dirty corridor’ to provide the easiest means of access when required. This also allows for easy maintenance and servicing. The cabinets include lights to indicate faults, batteries in use and batteries discharged. The surgeons panel also includes a light to show ‘batteries in use’ to give the most comprehensive understanding of the power operations at any given time.

All the electrical components, including theatre light power supply and electrical cards, are placed in the one cabinet. This reduces the downtime between a power cut and battery backup, minimising disturbance to a working hospital and operating theatre environment.

Key features:

  • Sealed Batteries for increased reliability
  • Separate to theatre lights
  • Proven top-quality components used
  • 3 hours emergency power
  • Volt and amp indicators show both battery voltage and charging current
  • Fault lights indicate the condition of the cabinet
  • ‘Batteries in use’ indicator on surgeons panel
  • All electrical supply and theatre light cards are kept in one place
  • Reduced down time of the theatre

Other Emergency Lighting Services

Isolated and Uninterrupted Power Supply

IPS stands for isolated power supply. These prevent the cross over of voltage between different circuits in electrical items, which could otherwise result in electrical shocks or potential fire hazards. By including IPS in our battery backup systems, it provides a safe emergency lighting system that protects both patients and staff.

UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply. These units provide power that is essential to equipment on a main change over or in the event of a power failure. This technology enables life-saving equipment to continue running uninterrupted regardless of power circumstances.

Surgeons Panels

We are able to provide tailored surgeons panels to your requirements. Since there are many types of surgeons panels available for different procedural requirements, we are able to accommodate to your specific needs through our bespoke designs.


Plugs – We stock all types of medical plugs.

Switches – We have theatre-specific switches and wall sockets in stock that are specifically designed for the medical industry.

Bulbs – We have a large range of halogen and LED lights in stock, covering most theatre light manufacturers.

Emergency Lighting System

Tailored to You

If you have an electrical problem, are looking for an emergency lighting system or backup unit, or wish to re-organise your electricals into the most cost effective and efficient functionality, we can offer you a solution. We have CAD facilities, workshops and testing facilities all under one roof to maintain a high standard whilst still keeping the cost down.

We pride ourselves on our customer focus, which means that you are the centre of every project we undertake. It means that whatever niche and bespoke requirements you have, we would love to discuss them with you.

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