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Intensive Care Unit Equipment

ICU Equipment

Pendants and Supply Systems

Hiltons Electrical recognise the vital work that any intensive care unit delivers and knows that there’s often little time to be worrying about the location of lighting, gas supply and electricity. In any part of a working hospital, health professionals need to have access to the vital implements and equipment immediately and easily, but particularly in the ICU. With our Trilux pendants and supply systems, Hiltons can provide you with the highest quality intensive care unit equipment.

Providing the organisation of cables and wires, they reduce the risk of accidents while making it easy to supply gas and electricity to specialist medical equipment. The overall design of the ICU through pendants and quality supply systems creates an organised strategy, enabling the smooth movement of professionals, patients and equipment through the space.

Trilux have investigated and researched the design of intensive care units for over forty years, using their findings to develop functional, modern and effective supply systems that are easy to clean and maintain. By working exclusively with Trilux products, Hiltons provides the most effective solutions to ICUs across the UK. Below, you can view the many functional designs that we provide, tailored to suit your needs and to enable you to deliver the highest quality healthcare.

If you’re interested in a complete solution, we offer turnkey projects that encompass design and implementation. You can view a video of our latest turnkey solution for an ICU and HDU in a North London hospital.

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The Supply Systems

VS 100 System

The VS 100 installation system has a huge range of equipment outputs varying from primary care to complete care. This makes it the perfect system for intensive care units as it can supply all specialist equipment with their necessary requirements. This supply system can be adjusted to suit custom and unique requirements, including the addition of panels, gear trays and drawers, to help staff meet the daily requirements of care as easily as possible — no matter what the requirements.

The VS 100 also has adjustable positioning which enables maximum control over lighting and equipment. All life-saving components are kept within easy reach so can be implemented at any given time.

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Trilux IS 200 Supply Column

The Trilux IS 200 is a free-standing supply column, giving it the advantage of requiring minimal space and offering four-sided, 360 degree access. The minimal use of space makes it perfect for an ICU, in which every foot of space counts. The easier it is to move around in the intensive care environment, the better and more efficient the care that medical staff can provide.

The equipment is maneuverable, with a wide variety of options available. As it has supply systems on all sides, this pendant makes the most use of space, provides the largest range of equipment supply and it suitable for all intensive care areas.

Trilux IS 500 Ceiling Supply Column

This supply column and ICU pendant is mounted onto the ceiling, providing ultimate clearance of space and access to the patient. It offers everything that is needed for complete care. It is easy to clean and disinfect, and also includes high level illumination control.

The ceiling support minimises the risk of mistaking medical equipment and supply connections, as different output requirements are located in different areas (basic supply on the rear side and emergency on the near side, as accessible as possible). It clears floor space and allows all round patient access due to lateral, moveable equipment trolleys. These trolleys are mounted to a continuous rail device which can accommodate a great range of different equipment, according to the care needed.

Trilux Pendant Double Arm Systems

One of the key features of this Trilux ICU pendant is the double arm system that gives maximum movement and adjustment capabilities. The individual arms can swivel and additional height adjustment features are available, giving a high level of control. The necessary equipment is available for every situation and at any given moment. An ICU demands the ability for quick-moving decisions, and the Double Arm pendant delivers.

Each doctor, surgeon or nurse has her own way of working. One of the main benefits of this system, and one that medical staff notice soon after an installation, is that the pendant can move differently to suit all medical staff. It’s highly customisable and adjustable, giving greater control over the work environment for every member of staff.

If you’re interested in any of our intensive care unit equipment, pendants or supply units, then get in touch today. We would love to talk through your needs and how Hiltons can help. Tel: +44 (0) 1226 205947

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