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Medical Pendant

Trilux Pendants

Hiltons are specialists in medical electrical equipment, from full turnkey projects to individual LED lights. Coming from experts with over 25 years experience, every medical pendant we offer is high quality and flexible to your needs. We supply only Trilux medical pedants as these offer the greatest options and highest levels of control.

Trilux is a German-based developer of electric lights and equipment for medical centres. They keep on top of the latest technology in lighting and medical electronics and lead the way in groundbreaking developments. Supplying this brand of electrical lighting enables us to keep on top of the latest breakthroughs, bringing the highest quality medical pendants to hospitals and facilities around the UK.

Pendant Solutions

Clinical pendants offer a highly organised method of controlling loose wires, making hospitals and medical environments significantly safer. They reduce the risk of trip hazards for patients and staff, protecting not only the people that move around your space, but also you as a hospital from health and safety violations.

They allow complex medical services to be located close to patients, with connectivity between all the medical equipment a patient needs. Trilux pendants enable your staff to provide the highest levels of care, whether the patient’s equipment requires electricity or gas, and no matter what specialist devices you’re using.

The very latest pendants from Trilux offer the greatest flexibility to the user. This is due to their modular design, which makes them easy not only to customise to your needs, but also to use in a busy hospital or medical care environment. The pendants can be configured to enhance the working environment in many areas, such as intensive care units, A&E and operating theatres. The main pendant body is arranged so that a multitude of gas outlets, power outlets and data is available across two surfaces, with the added flexibility of either one column or two.

The front of the column has vertical medi-rails to facilitate the attachment of various accessories, such as shelves and drawers to make hospital life as easy as possible for both staff and patients. There is also an option to equip the pendant with rear illuminated RGB mood lights. This can greatly enhance a working area; the standard clinical environment largely uses white light, which is not always the best option for viewing monitors or offering tailored care to patients. The Trilux family button permits any coloured light to be used whilst still allowing you to alter the brightness settings, and there is an option to control the room’s white lights using the same feature. This is used with great effect in endoscopy theatres when medical staff rely upon monitors: a blue or green light enhances monitor viewing, making procedures easier and safer.

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Trilux Medidrant – Pendants

The wide variety of equipment options and versions of the Trilux pendant ensure optimum workplace layout, allowing for flexible operating theatre use. Even in the case of unfavorable room conditions, the Medidrant delivers to allow you to provide the best individual care of patients in any operating theatre.

There are a multitude of accessories available to customize the pendant to your hospital’s needs. The rear of the pendant can be equipped with RGB lighting. This is perfect for changing the tone of the theatre, especially in endoscopic cases in which using blue or green light enhances monitor viewing.

There are various mounting options available, including mounting the single pendant with a monitor arm, twin pendant or mounting with a surgical light where space is a premium.

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