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About Hiltons Electrical

Hiltons are experienced and professional electricians, specialising in medical electrics, including surgical lighting and pendant solutions for operating theatres. Life-cycle projects such as turn-key solutions are our forte with  experienced teams completing every project to the highest standards, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best service available.

Hiltons have been in business for more than 25 years, specialising in the medical environment for more than 20 of those. Hiltons began life as industrial electricians that covered services for schools, factories, public buildings and more. In the 90’s developing our speciality to focus upon services and products for the medical industry, which has in turn made us leading UK industry experts. Our years of experience has given us the knowledge to bring cost effective solutions to meet all our clients’ project requirements.

We have an excellent track record of providing a quality service in all areas of medical services, with investment into Hiltons Turn-Key Solutions. These encompass all elements of a complete build for such uses as intensive care units, endoscopy units and other medical facilities. We have the expertise to tailor every build and project to your exact requirements.

Due to the core strength of our base strategy, we have gained a year on year increase in turnover. This applies to all areas of the construction sectors, as well as increasing the company’s work force to create a fantastic team of experts. Our ability to be flexible has enabled Hiltons to deliver complex projects on time and to budget. We have proven time and again that our commitment to our clients is paramount to how we work and our ethos.

Following many successful projects and our continued commitment to quality, Hiltons also takes responsibility for providing a first-class service team to solve any issues that may arise. Our repair and maintenance team is on-hand for hospitals and medical facilities across the UK, with a guaranteed response within forty eight hours.

We aim to provide the best service for you, characterised by commitment and excellence. If you would like any further information about our services or have any queries that have not been covered on this website, simply contact us.

Andrew Hilton, Managing Director