Operating Lights

Trilux Aurinio LED OT light

The futuristic design of the Trilux LED OT light is proof enough that it is the exceptional lighting solution for all the right reasons. Its cool light protects the patient’s tissue from drying out and provides optimum work conditions for the surgeon. Due to this type of Light Head using Power LED’s they are of extremely low maintenance and reliable which last longer than other light sources. Using the very latest in technology in white white LED’s adjustable colour temperature is achieved by mixing warm white and cold white.

This compact powerful unit produces a very impressive 160 Klux light output at running a light at only 40% of its potential, making the unit run at 60 watts total energy.

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Trilux Aurinio Halogen OT light

Trilux Aurinio LR150 LED, fantastic value for money

This very efficient LED operating light uses little energy to achieve a very respectable light output of 150,000 lux of pure natural white light with low heat generation.

The reflector system incorporated in the light offer deep cavity illumination with very good shadow control to aid the surgeon in complex procedures and helping to alleviate eye strain.

Simplicity is the word in using this light in any surgical environment. Each head has its own control and it can also be controlled VIA RS232 data link and the Trilux remote control.

The option of equipping the light with two different video cameras allows  for the documentation of operations or participation in video conferences with external surgeons.

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Trilux Fidesca M Cleanroom Luminaires

Flexibility is top priority in an operating theatre and for the Fidesca PM. After all, it is not only suited for conventional operations, but also for micro invasive surgeries by providing 100% white light and 2 to 5% green light. Moreover, dynamic colour light control is also possible. But what makes the Trilux Fidesca PM more flexible than any other competitor is it’s ability to distribute light by narrow-angle, wide-angle or asymmetrical. Not only that it is is continually adjustable and individually adjustable for every individual lamp of a luminaries, which may be controlled via analog or digital bus systems to the central OT control system.

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Trilux Fidesca M Cleanroom Luminaires
Trilux Medidrant - Supply Systems for the OT

Trilux Medidrant – Supply Systems for the OT

A supply system from Trilux provides surgeons, anaesthetists and other medical staff with everything that needs to be within reach in the OT: all media like power supply, communication technology, data transfer and medical gases, the interfaces of which can be positioned where ever they need at anytime.

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Trilux Medidrant – Pendants

The wide variety of possible equipment options and versions of the Trilux Pendant make sure that the workplace layout is optimal for flexible OT use or even in the case of unfavorable room conditions, ensuring the most important factor of all: an optimum, individual care of patients in the operating theater.

With a multitude of accessories available to customize the pendant to the users needs, the rear of the pendant can be equipped with RGB lighting, perfect for changing the tone of the theater especially in Endoscopic cases using the blue or Green light for better Monitor enhanced viewing.

Their are various mounting options available in including mounting the single pendant with a monitor arm, twin pendant or mounting with a surgical light where space is a premium.

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