Medical Lights

Trilux BS 800

The Trilux BS 800 offers a fully-fledged medical supply system with discreet impression and an extremely substantial degree of design freedom – visual configuration. Modular in design, elegant lighting for reading and area lighting, ‘London’ model offers a special feature with seven power LED’s for reading and examination lighting.

Trilux BS 800
Trilux BS 600N

Trilux BS 600N

Two installations levels for all components make the BS 600N a flexible supply system. Components can be arranged both above and below the base channel, offering all types of modular lighting to be fitted as well as supply outlets, telephone connection points and nurse call systems.

Trilux VS 100

The equipment options of the VS 100 installation system range from primary care through to intermediate care with a high demand for instruments. Useful accessories like panels, drawers and gear trays ensure functionality for a wide variety of applications.

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Trilux VS 100
Trilux Wall Mount

Trilux Wall-Mounted Systems

Wall mounted systems are ideal whenever equipment has to be readily available and ergonomic for health care personnel – and appearance is a secondary consideration. A wide variety of design options are made possible due to the separation of equipment and lighting components, where as the media board and bedside reading luminaries may be positioned as desired.

Trilux VS 300 Media Board

Interior design effect the VS 300 media board blends in to the surrounding Trilux range to offer a more subtle look. With various designs and effects to choose from, the media boards are resin free, easy to clean, has no seams and can be mounted without joints.

Trilux Media Boards
Trilux Media Boards Plus

Trilux VS 300 Plus Media Board

As above but with the added advantage of having a supply unit attached with all the necessary media. It comprises three different components: a closed wall cabinet with elegant wood-like finish, integrated VS 300 media board for media supply and a mounted BS 700 Light channel for reading and area lighting.

Trilux BS 700 light channel

Whether as indirect general lighting, reading lighting, supplementary lighting solution in the VS 300 plus system, in combination with the BS 400 or BS 400N supply units or stand-alone wall-mounted luminaries.

Trilux BS 700